Yamaha M7CL Console

Yamaha M7CL

The M7CL series is a digital live-sound console that carries on the digital evolution from the acclaimed PM1DV2 and PM5D consoles. It includes an impressive array of advanced concepts such as the “Centralogic™” control interface that makes it as easy and intuitive to use as an analog console, and in-depth access management facilities that will be particularly appreciated in installations.  The M7CL is familiar and comfortable to use, offering a level of convenience that overturns the preconception that “digital is difficult”. A surprising range of functions that you would normally have to supply in the form of peripheral equipment is built in, and all of this is provided in a space that is dramatically less than an analog console of similar scope. The M7CL is the ideal digital mixing console for medium size live sound applications that have previously been handled by analog gear.

Main Features

  • Centralogic™ Total Access for Absolute Control
  • Virtual Rack
  • StageMix provides remote control of M7CL functions
  • Versatile Channel Module Functions
  • Outstanding Effects and Effect Control
  • Waves SoundGrid System
  • Efficient Interface and Control Functions
  • Features for Optimum Monitoring
  • Memory & Recall
  • Access and Data Management
  • Sends on Fader in M7CL V3 Editor
  • M7CL-48ES: Onboard EtherSound and 3rd Port
  • M7CL-48ES: Auto-configuration for Plug-and-Play Convenience
  • M7CL-48ES: Analog Insert via OMNI I/O
  • AuviTran Network ASIO Streamer support for the M7CL-48ES
  • HA Remote signal output from Slot 1 (M7CL-48ES only)
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