Sony DXC-35/DXC-35 WS Video Camera


The Sony DXC-D35WSP is an epoch-making digital video camera designed as the top-end model for professionals. Incorporating Sony’s latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology based on the TrueEye™ process, the DXC-D35WSP realizes the faithful color reproduction never experienced with conventional analog and digital cameras. On top of that, drastic smear reduction and high sensitivity achieved by the newly
developed Power HAD CCD provide more shooting opportunities, while maintaining the high picture quality.


  • Low Smear Level–Vertical Smear Level of the DXC-D35 is -125dB which is the same level as conventional FIT sensors. This feature will give the operator more freedom to shoot subjects in high light situations
  • Total Level Control System (TLCS)–Even if the incoming light exceeds the range of the automatic iris control either above or below, by using the iris control in combination with Auto Gain Control )AGC) and CCD AE (Auto Exposure, the application of variable shutter of CCD), the DXC-D35P offers proper picture exposure. This function is called TLCS. While still maintaining low-noise characteristics, TLCS affords ease of operation for this high-end professional camera.
  • Black Halo-Free, Clean Detail–The DXC-D35P provides edges with a natural line and appropriate thickness in areas with extreme dark-to-light or light-to-dark transitions, by digitally optimizing the level of detail signal to each of the transition parts, not by just clipping the detail signal. Consequently, the “Black Halo” effect which is seen as thick black edges surrounding an extremely bright object, as well as a stepping diagonal edge, have been dramatically reduced.
  • Skin Detail with Auto Detection of Active Area–The Skin Detail function in the DXC-D35P gives the subject a pleasing complexion with a softer image in the facial area, while maintaining the sharpness of the other areas. The designated active area of Skin Detail can be set with the digital circuits by simply adjusting the Area Detect Cursor on the viewfinder screen and SKIN SET button on a camera side panel. The color range of the skin detail active area and skin detail level can be also set by the viewfinder menu system.
  • Vertical Detail Correction–The vertical detail correction signal, which is digitally created from both the Green and Red signals, assures image sharpness when shooting highly saturated subjects or subjects bathed in red light.
  • STD position (Standard VF Menu System)–When the SETUP switch is set to the STD position, setting of the camera parameters or defining of the switch functions can be done with the VF Menu System, the same way as with conventional Sony cameras.
  • FILE position (VF Menu System for File Management)–When the SETUP switch is set to FILE position, a total of eight setup files can be used with the dedicated VF Menu System. These files are as follows.
  • SetupNavi™ – Camera Setup File Storage–The DSR-135P Camcorder has the SetupNavi™ function to store the User Files or Factory Preset Files of the DXC-D35P directly onto VAUX (Video Auxiliary) data territory of the DVCAM cassette tape. The data can be stored on or recalled from the tape via the VF Menu System. Using the DVCAM cassette as a medium, the setup data can be transferred to other DSC-D35Ps.
  • SetupLog™ – Automatic Recording of Camera Setting Data–Even without using the file system, the information of each setting parameter of the DXC-D35P for every shot is automatically recorded by the DSR-1P on the VAUX territory in each video track of the DVCAM cassette tape. This function is called SetupLog™. It is useful not only for the camera operator if there is a need to re-take the same shot, but also for checking the operating conditions during a particular shoot.
  • High S/N Ratio–The improved CCD process combined with the camera’s new digital circuits means CCD noise is reduced. The signal-to-noise ratio is an improved to 61dB, the top level specifications in the industry
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