Sony DSR-250 Video Camera

Sony DSR-250

It’s important that people who use camcorders professionally should enjoy their equipment as much as they enjoy their work.With its 3-CCD technology and rich feature set, the Sony DSR-250P digital camcorder delivers not only a pleasurable working experience but excellent results as well. Take advantage of the automatic functionality or, when the situation demands, override it manually and let your creativity shine through.The lightweight, shoulder- mount design, swing-out LCD monitor – plus the ability to support standard and minicassettes with both DVCAM and DV record/playback – provides the versatility you need whether in the studio or on location. This product comes with the full PrimeSupport package. That’s fast, hassle-free repairs, a helpline offering expert technical advice, and a free loan unit while yours is repaired. Plus the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment – and your business.


Time Code Preset
To satisfy the needs of professional users, the DSR-250P offers various time code settings, such as:

  • Time code preset
  • User bit preset
  • Preset / Regen
  • Rec run / Free run
  • Real time assign on user bit
  • DVCAM DV recording

The DSR-250P allows you to record and playback in both DVCAM and DV (SP only) formats. For professional editing, an audio lock synchronises audio and video in DVCAM mode.

  • Compatible with standard and mini cassettes–The DSR-250P accommodates both standard and mini-size cassette tapes, which allows you flexibility not only in cassette size but also in format (DVCAM or DV).
  • New 3-CCD camera system–Three 1/3-inch CCDs with 450,000 pixels (effective 400,000 pixels) each contribute to the high sensitivity, good signal-to-noise ratio, and refuced smear of the DSR-250P.
  • Optical type Super SteadyShot™–Sensors in the Super SteadyShot™ system detect both horizontal and vertical movement of the camera while an active prism, located in front of the lens, optically compensates for any unsteadiness.
  • 1.5-inch black-and-white viewfinder (DXF-801CE)–The DSR-250P comes with the same 1.5-inch black-and-white CRT viewfinder (DXR-801CE) that was originally designed for Sony high-end cameras. This lightweight viewfinder, with its high resolution, lets you focus manually to optimise picture clarity.
  • i.LINK interface for digital editing–The built-in i.LINK interface allows you to attach a VCR and then use the camera as an editor in playback mode to an accuracy of five frames. You can also use the i.LINK interface to record directly to the VCR.
  • Added functionality with Memory Stick™–Use your DSR-250P to take still photos with a Sony Memory Stick™, which can store up to 988 images. With Memory Mix, you can also combine still images stored on the Memory Stick™ with video images.
  • Swing-out LCD monitor–The DSR-250 has a high-resolution, swing-out colour monitor that can be used during both recording and playback. It’s also easier to use the on-screen menu system with the large-sized LCD screen.
  • Manual functions–Although the DSR-250 gives you the convenience and accuracy of automatic operation, it also allows you to make the following manual adjustments – so that your creativity can shine through:
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