Sony DSC-1024HD


The Sony DSC-1024HD is an ‘anything in/anything out’ kind of box. It allows for VGA, S-VGA, PAL Video, SECAM Video and NTSC Video and analog component inputs. It can convert any of these input signals to VGA, S- VGA, PAL Video, SECAM Video, HDcam component or NTSC Video for output.


  • Versatile upward and downward digital scan converter
  • Input accepted in the 15.6 to 70 kHz horizontal frequency range and the 50 to 120 Hz vertical frequency range and output at an industry standard 15.6 kHz, 31.5 kHz, 33.75 kHz 91080i*), 37 kHz, 48 kHz or 64 kHz frequency
  • Built-in transcoder: for universal conversations between video signal formats
  • Genlock function is available
  • PAL/NTSC conversion capability
  • Scan doubler capability
  • Automatic input signal recognition
  • Variable offset sampling and high density vertical interpolation capability for conversion resolutions
  • Adjustable aspect ratios
  • Built-in test pattern generator
  • Zoom, pan and freeze frame: functions provided for easy operation
  • On-screen display: for adjustment/operation
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