MIDAS Venice 320 Console

Midas Venice 320

Venice is Midas’ first truly compact console, built in direct response to customer demand. It does exactly what was asked, in that it provides a high quality alternative in a huge number of applications where previously Midas was not an option. These range from smaller conference or live band applications, to effects returns or additional inputs in a large multi-console application, or indeed as part of a small complete mobile system. It also provides the perfect feature set for live acts that need to mix their own FOH and monitor sound from on stage and is compact and light enough to fit on even the most cramped performance area. As usual, Midas has paid attention to the details that set their consoles apart, taking care to provide high quality mic preamps and a stable, responsive EQ section, just as Midas do on the larger consoles. The simple but intuitive outputs make the overall configuration of the console extremely quick and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Frames: 160, 240, 320
  • EQ: 4 band sweepable
  • Direct Output
  • 6 Mix Sends
  • 4 Audio Sub Groups
  • Venice 160 is rack mountable and shipped complete with rack-mounting kit
  • Venice 160 connector panel rotatable for rack mounted applications
  • External ESP1200 PSU available on the 240 and 320 as an option
  • 3 year warranty
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