MIDAS Heritage 4000

Midas Heritage 4000-48

The Midas Heritage 4000 is an evolution of the award winning Heritage 3000 with an additional 16 more busses, which has resulted in what many would regard as the ultimate stage monitor console. As monitor applications have become more demanding, specifically with the increased usage of in-ear systems, it is now common to see multiple consoles bussed together, in order to achieve the required amount of outputs. The Heritage 4000 allows an engineer to run up to 40 mixes (plus stereo masters) from
a single console, benefiting from the world-renown Heritage buss flexibility, and ‘road proven’ digital assistance.

As with all Heritage and Legend consoles the Heritage 4000 can be linked to the Klark Teknik Helix system allowing instant access to the EQ for any input or output simply by pressing the solo key on the desk. A beautifully elegant solution.

Key Features:

  • 48 channel – 44 mono/4 stereo Width 2268mm (89.29”) Height 1054mm (41.49”) Depth 599mm (23.58”) Weight 275kg (606.3lbs)
  • 56 channel 52 mono/4 stereo Width 2559mm (100.79” ) Depth 1054mm (41.49”) Height 599mm (23.58”) Weight 313kg (690.1lbs)
  • 64 channel 60 mono/4 stereo Width 2815mm (110.82”) Depth 1054mm (41.49”) Height 599mm (23.58”) Weight 338kg (745.2lbs)
  • Weights are approximate and out of flight case
  • Frames: 48, 56, and 64
  • Stereo: All inputs wired for stereos
  • EQ: 4 band fully-parametric
  • Direct Output: Front panel switchable and level control SIS panning with IMAGE control
  • 24 Mix Outputs: Front panel configurable per application
  • 8 Stereo aux outputs
  • 10 VCAs
  • 10 Automute groups
  • 27 x 8 matrix
  • Automation: snapshot automation of VCA routing, mutes, all channel and VCA levels
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