Meyer UPM-1

Meyer UPM-1

Designed for sound reinforcement applications requiring minimum size, the UPM-1 delivers high sound pressure levels with very low distortion and extremely even coverage in both axes. Suitable for a wide range of applica-tions from music playback and delay fill systems to stage monitoring, the UPM-1 features outstanding low-frequency performance in an unusually compact package. Its ultraflat frequency response simplifies room equalization requirements and ensures high gain-before-feedback. The loudspeaker consists of two 5-inch low-frequency cone drivers in a vented enclosure, and a 2 x 5-inch horn-loaded
piezoelectric high-frequency driver with passive crossover.

The rugged cabinet is easily handled and installed. It has three 3ž8″-16 threaded rigging points, and may be
mounted on a stand. An optional steel bracket facilitates mounting in permanent installations. The UPM-1 system requires a highquality professional power amplifier capable of delivering 125 watts continuously into 16 ohms, with a signal voltage gain of 20 dB (minimum) to 30 dB (maximum).
P-1A Control Electronics Unit
The UPM-1 operates as a system with the P-1A Control Electronics Unit. Optimized for the UPM-1 and pre-aligned at the factory, the P-1A contains frequency response and phase response alignment circuitry, and Meyer Sound’s exclusive SpeakerSense driver protection circuitry, incorporating both peak and RMS signal limiting.

SpeakerSense protects the UPM-1 loudspeaker components from damage due to overheating under high power conditions. This unique circuit continuously monitors the power applied to the UPM-1drivers, and limits the signal output when the safe operating limits of the drivers are exceeded. Until the onset of overload, the SpeakerSense circuitry has no effect on the signal.  Six stages of Meyer’s exclusive complementary phase equalization in the P-1A Control Electronics Unit give the UPM-1 flat frequency response with outstanding phase characteristics.  A single-channel device operating at line level, the P-1A is the final component in the signal chain before the amplifier.


  • Ultra Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient high power
  • Vesatile
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Even dispersion
  • Long-term reliability
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