Meyer HP 650 Sub

Meyer HP 650

The Meyer Sound 650-P is a high-powered subwoofer for sound reinforcement applications. The 650-P provides extended low-frequency power bandwidth, handling high continuous operating levels and extreme transient information with minimal distortion and response extending to 28 Hz. The 650-P houses two Meyer Sound long-excursion 18-inch drivers in a tuned, vented cabinet. An integral two-channel class AB/H amplifier with complementary power MOSFET output stages supplies total peak output of 1240 watts (620 watts/channel).

TruPower limiting technology ensures maximum driver protection, minimizing power compression and permitting high constant output. An Intelligent AC power supply affords automatic voltage selection, EMI filtering, soft current turn-on and surge suppression. Phase-corrected, active signal processing circuits maintain excellent performance and reliability, and a laser-trimmed differential input with high common-mode rejection facilitates long line-level signal runs using shielded, twisted-pair cable. The 650-P cabinet is constructed of multi-ply hardwood and coated with a textured, weather-resistant black finish. The 650-P is compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system, which provides comprehensive monitoring of system performance parameters over a Windows-based network.


  • High peak power yields excellent transient reproduction
  • Extremely low distortion for ultimate low-frequency clarity
  • Exceptionally reliable and durable
  • Arrayable in blocks to attain very high SPL with long throw
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