L-Acoustics SB218


The L-ACOUSTICS® SB218 is the companion subwoofer for V-DOSC® or ARCS® and features two, front loaded 18-inch transducers loaded in an optimally-sized and tuned vented enclosure. With power handling capacity of 1100 Wrms (4400 Wpeak) and response to 25 Hz, the SB218 is ideal for applications requiring maximum low frequency extension and impact.

The SB218 provides unparalleled low end punch and bass articulation combined with high power handling and efficiency. Due to its compact design and critically damped tuning, multiple  SB218 enclosures couple  effectively while providing the bass definition and musicality  that only a front loaded subwoofer can provide.

Due to its 200 Hz bandwidth capability and complementary phase characteristics, optimum coupling and maximum low end efficiency are obtained when the SB218 is used with V-DOSC. The SB218 is unique in that it can be flown in column arrays up to 8 enclosures deep. When flown, low frequency directivity
control is provided and optimum low frequency summation is obtained when the  SB218 array is closely coupled  physically to the V-DOSC array. Ruggedly constructed of 24 mm baltic birch and internally braced with steel corner plates, the SB218 remains free of vibration at extreme sound pressure levels. The compact front dimensions of the SB218 are convenient for use under stages or along stage fronts in either vertical or horizontal (single or double row) orientations. With advanced electronic arc processing, directivity contris obtained when the SB218 is used in ground-stacked horizontal line array configurations.

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