L-Acoustics SB118

L'Acoustics SB118

The L-ACOUSTICS® SB118 is a companion subwoofer for the L-ACOUSTICS MTD and XT loudspeaker lines and features a single
18-inch transducer loaded in a dual-chamber, vented bandpass configuration. With power handling capacity of 600 Wrms (2400 Wpeak) and response down to 32 Hz, the SB118 is the answer for applications requiring exceptional low end impact from a highly compact, low profile enclosure. Important design criteria in the development of the SB118 were maximum SPL output combined with  extended low frequency response from an enclosure as compact as possible. Dual-vented, bandpass loading provided the answer. The 18″ component employed in the SB118 features high power handling capacity
combined with low distortion and thermal power compression, all of which contribute to the output SPL performance while at the same time providing precise bass definition and
excellent musicality. Due to its highly compact format with minimum front baffle footprint and critically damped tuning, multiple

SB118 enclosures couple effectively both physically and acoustically to provide optimum low end impact. Designed for high performance touring, the optimally-reduced front dimensions of the SB118 allow for the creation of compact-sized subwoofer  arrays with minimum footprint.The SB118 is highly suitable for front-of-house (FOH) use in theatres, clubs or multi-purpose venues and provides an excellent solution for corporate events. As standard, the SB118 includes a built-in pole mount socket that facilitates the creation of a compact FOH system when used with MTD/XT enclosures. Combined with the 115FM floor monitor or MTD/XT enclosures, the SB118 is ideal for stage monitoring applications such as keyboard, side fill or drum fill monitoring due to its discrete, visually unobtrusive profile. For permanent installation, the compact dimensions of the SB118 provide a high degree of flexibility for  applications where space is at a premium. For use of the SB118 with the MTD line, subwoofer signal processing is provided by the L-ACOUSTICS LLC analog controllers. Alternatively, OEM factory presets for approved digital processors are available for use of the SB118 in conjunction with the XT line and other L-ACOUSTICS products.

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