L-Acoustics ARCS

L'Acoustics ARCS

The ARCS® Sound Reinforcement System  
Requirements for smaller array configurations and shorter throw distances – but with the same quality  standards as set by V-DOSC – led to the design of ARCS. Since ARCS generates a modular, curved  wavefront, ARCS stands for “Arrayable Radial Coherent System”. While V-DOSC uses variable  curvature arrays to perform wavefront sculpture in the vertical plane, ARCS operates in the horizontal  (or vertical) plane and generates a modular, constant curvature wavefront with a radius of wavefront  curvature corresponding to 1.15 meters.

The patented DOSC waveguide designed exclusively for ARCS loads a compression driver that is  operated from 900 – 20k Hz. This waveguide produces a radiated wavefront that covers the total  width of the enclosure and has an arc’s shape of 22.5°. Individual radiated wavefronts are curved  rectangular strips that match the trapezoidal angle of each ARCS enclosure and, as a result, the  wavefront radiated at high frequencies by an ARCS array is continuous with an arc’s shape that is equal
to the N*22.5° (where N is the number of enclosures). For example, four ARCS enclosures provides  90° horizontal coverage.

ARCS is designed with a trapezoidal shape for lateral coupling of adjacent cabinets and enclosures are  mechanically joined to form a fan-shaped, tightly-wrapped array. To match the coverage of the  wavefront radiated by the DOSC waveguide, the angle of each enclosure is 22.5°.  At lower frequencies, the size of the ARCS enclosure allows for perfect coupling due to the size of  wavelengths below 800 Hz, i.e., the distance between acoustic centers of adjacent 15” loudspeaker  components is always less than half a wavelength over the entire low section operating bandwidth,  thus satisfying WST Condition #2.
The ARCS system therefore meets the conditions defined by Wavefront Sculpture Technology and provides, when arrayed in any number, the equivalent of single loudspeaker behavior. The net result is  exceptionally even frequency response over the entire array’s coverage pattern – a feature which is  characteristic of Wavefront Sculpture Technology.  For optimizing the geometrical coverage of typical audiences, the vertical coverage of ARCS is not  symmetrical, but provides 40° in one direction and 20° in the opposite direction. The advantages  inherent in this geometry are further discussed throughout the course of this manual. In summary, ARCS is the only medium format system that provides a coherent, single point source sound field. This makes ARCS highly suitable for medium scale sound reinforcement applications where multiple sound source designs are not powerful enough or impractical and, in terms of throw distance, the extreme capabilities of V-DOSC or dV-DOSC are not required.

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