GrandMA (Light) Lighting Console

Grand MA Lite Lighting Console

The GrandMA Light is the small console that performs all of the functions of the larger Award-Winning grandMA. With the GrandMA Light, you lose some of the faders & touch screens, but none of its functionality. It is completely compatible with the grandMA and will accept all shows programmed on grandMA in view of its reduced hardware. At 29″ x 20″ x 5″, it only requires a very small space. It has a very bright high-contrast, full-colour TFT touch screen and the viewing angle can be altered via adjustable legs at the rear of the housing. The light will support 2 additional external Monitors. It has all of the I/O of the grandMA, so it will output 4 DMX universes (with 4 additional ones via EThernet), DMX in, SMPTE, MIDI, RS-232, audio input, switching analogue inputs, etc. The GrandMA Light has the features that have made grandMA so popular including an internal UPS and hard drive as well as motorized faders for multiple programming and playback options.


  • Real-time control for up to 64 DMX universes (Expansion Mode)
  • Extensive networking functionality incl. Multi-User, Backup, Parameter Expansion, etc.
  • 2,048 HTP- or LTP-parameters (4,096 with expansion chip) in stand-alone mode
  • 1 internal, high-resolution TFT color touch screen
  • 2 external SVGA connectors
  • 10 motorized faders, 30+20 executor buttons (on 128 pages)
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) built-in
  • Same software for console compatibility: one system – one operating philosophy
  • Completely configurable for every application: Theatre, TV, Concert Touring, Entertainment, etc.
  • Elegant programming and control of moving lights, dimmers, LEDs, effects and media servers
  • Mature software and hardware – extensively field tested – provide unmatched stability and reliability
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