Christie S+5K Projector


Today’s simulation environments are more demanding than ever before. With extreme specifications including high contrast and brightness and the need to project onto a variety of screen shapes and sizes … each system is unique. The Christie Matrix S+5K is purpose-built to handle even the most challenging of today’s simulation display requirements. Offering the highest resolution and the highest contrast ratio, the Christie Matrix S+5K simulation projector is based on DLP® technology and offers 3000 ANSI lumens. Our SuperCR™ technology provides contrast ratios up to 2000:1 allowing for low black levels for incredibly accurate night scene images. The Matrix S+5K utilizes a Color Purity Filter (CPF™) to enable superior color saturation, color matching and superior black levels for unsurpassed day and night scene blending. Combined with the highest color uniformity and features such as ChristieTWIST™ image warping and edge-blending, RGB color matching, full control of gamma curves and grayscale tracking, high input bandwidth and less than one frame of propagation delay, the Matrix S+5K is a great projector suited to many applications and is also an ideal CRT replacement solution.


  • DLP™ Display Technology
  • 5000 ANSI Lumens
  • 1400 x 1050 Native Resolution
  • 4:3 Native Aspect Ratio
  • 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 72.0 lbs
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