Barco ScreenPRO Plus

Folsom ScreenPRO PLUS

The operator can select from up to sixteen source videos. Universal inputs accept composite video, s-video, component video, and computer video sources (640×480 VGA to 1600×1200 UXGA). Sources are scaled to match the native resolution or “sweet spot” of the projection devices to ensure optimal image quality. Thirteen different transition effects including dissolves, wipes, cuts, and fade are supported. The duration of each transition effect is programmable. Each screen output supports two buffered program outputs (one five-wire BNC and one HD-15) and a preview output (HD-15). Auxiliary outputs are provided on the rear panel of the unit for feeds that do not require transition effects or scaling.

The ScreenPro PLUS user interface simplifies system setup, adjustment, and control. To perform a transition, the operator simply selects a preview source(s) and presses a key to simultaneously transition up to six screens using any of the thirteen transition effects. Sixty-four preset memories allow complex control sequences to be “learned” for quick recall. Presets can include information about sources, effects, transition rates, PIP’s, keying, and auxiliaries. Since all presets are recalled to the preview monitors, the operator can view, edit, and recall presets without affecting the program outputs.

System Modularity: ScreenPro Plus has been designed to work seamlessly with Folsom’s ScreenPro product offerings. This allows customers to utilize Folsom’s ScreenPro products for single-screen applications and to utilize the same units in multi-screen applications when combined with ScreenPro Plus. For example, ScreenPro Plus
Model 1604 with four-screen output can be utilized with two standard ScreenPro units to support a sixscreen show. The ability to mix and match units to support different types of shows provides both premium performance.

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