Designing a Stage for a Corporate Meeting: 3 Things to Think About

Corporate meetings are so complex that it’s no wonder it takes a whole team to run them.   From the themes and the tones to agendas and the budgets – most people have a hard time focusing on what’s most important.  In my years of running corporate events, I have found that a great starting point is to focus on these three core areas:

1 – Functionality.  What needs to happen on the stage?  How many people will be on the stage?  Do you need backstage entrances?  When a client asks me what size stage they should have, these are some of the questions I ask.  If it’s a Sales Meeting, an Awards Dinner or Professional Seminar, the stage needs to function in a way that is easy for the speakers or participants.

2 – Mood.  Often I ask clients what they want people to feel when they enter the meeting space.   Depending on the event, the tone of the meeting might be either business professional, or fun and lighthearted, or elegant and stylish.   Knowing the “mood” of the event helps me determine lighting, video and scenic elements for the design Daphne Partiet Slide.

3 – Clarity.  Ever been to a meeting where you can’t hear the speaker?  Clarity of sound as well as clarity of the video is of tremendous importance when running large meetings. Finding the right equipment to make the event look right, sound right and feel right is what my team aims for each time we run a meeting.  If it’s 100 people or 1,000 people, everyone needs to hear and see the presentations.