PCS wins FOH Hometown Hero Sound Company of the Year for SW Division

FOH Online announced the winners in each division for the 2014 Home Town Hero Sound Company of the year. PCS is proud and humble for their win for the Southwest Division.

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PCS would like to thank all those who voted for their support and congratulation to all the winners and nominees!

Blue Ribbon Award 2014! Community Excellence!

Precise Corporate Staging has been selected among 100 other small businesses in the nation,as a 2014 Blue Ribbon Award Winner by the US Chamber of Commerce, for our community service work!

We love helping out various charities! Here are a few charities we have donated our time and equipment for recently; the Military, Aunt Rita’s FoundationAlice Cooper’s Solid RockPatrick Warburton “Golf for Kids” Celebrity Golf TournamentNational Center for Missing & Exploited ChildrenSt. Jude Children’s Research HospitalBrennan Rock and Roll AcademyCity of Hope Phoenix, The Boys and Girls Club of Sioux Falls, March of Dimes, among more.

Because of all our charitable donations, totaling around $750,000 a year worth of labor and equipment, we are also up for a Community Excellence Award through the US Chamber of Commerce!

You can vote here! goo.gl/Qgycmo

Voting start now and ends February 28th!

Thank you to all our family, friends, clients, customers, vendors, and employees for all your help and support over the past 14 years!

PCS Goes High Def With New 8mm LED Video Panels



Ania Kubicki

ANGLES Public Relations

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Dashiell Cooper

Digital Media and Marketing Manager

Precise Corporate Staging

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PCS Goes HD With 8mm LED Video Panels

Tempe, AZ – [June 11th, 2013] – Precise Corporate Staging has just received the Diamond LED video curtain in the 8mm configuration from F & P Media Group. PCS has partnered with F&P Media Group to get these brand new LED panels North American exposure, as they are hot commodity overseas! At a mere 8mm apart, these brilliant LED lights create an absolutely stunning image that could be compared to some top model HD TV’s to date. These particular LED panels were built with travel and road wear in mind. They are constructed of lightweight aluminum and coated in military grade parylene to protect the electronics. If that weren’t enough, these particular models have the highest brightness rating available on the market for black lit LED’s! Combining extreme durability with peak brightness, you have a clear winner in the category of LED panels. PCS is proud to carry the 8mm Diamond LED Curtain and looks forward to supplying it to future eventsInflatable Obstacle.
Module Size 64cm X 64 cm
Resolution 8mm , (80 X 80 Pixels )
Weight 9.6kg per Module (23.4Kg per SQM)
LED type Black LED High brightness
Protection level IP67 Front / IP54 rear
Brightness 2,850 CD/M2
Working Temperature -20 c – 55 c
Working Voltage AC110-220v , 50-60hz
Power Consumption 600W Max / Module
Life Span 100,000 Hours
Refresh Frequency 2880 Hz
Frame Rate 60hz
All information available at: http://www.fnpmediagroup.com/products-led-screen-displays/diamond-black-led-8mm-led-curtain


About Precise Corporate Staging

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona with a regional office in Atlanta, Georgia, Precise Corporate Staging (PCS) is a leading provider of technical solutions to the special events and entertainment industry. With nearly 30 years of expertise in real staging and live event production, PCS excels at designing sound, video and lighting systems for all types of event venues for all sizes of audiences on a World-Wide basis. Whether it is an audience for fifty people or 120,000 people PCS is ready to handle every detail.

PCS takes pride in its industry relationships, its client-service focused philosophy and its paramount equipment. Focused on quality, the team invests in research that precedes all purchase decisions, ensuring that every piece of equipment is always able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. From the hardware selections to the design and packaging, PCS has gone to great lengths to ensure glitch-free performance, every time.     For more information visit online at: www.PCStaging.com or call (480) 759-9700, toll free at 866-294-3026.


PCS President David Stern talks about growing a business in hard times…



Communication is Key

Dash Cooper joined the Precise Corporate Staging team in 2011 as Manager of Marketing and Digital Media and is responsible for overseeing the digital strategy for the company.  A musician at heart,

Dash formed Runaway Phoenix in 2002, which was renamed in 2012 to Co-Op.  According to Dash “Even if you’ve been on both sides, even if you’ve done hundreds of shows, don’t ever underestimate the importance of have a great communication strategy in place.”

Dash grew up in the music and entertainment industry and having sat on both sides of the spectrum  as the performer and as the support team member, he shares some of the key thoughts on the importance of good communications.

1)      Understanding the Nature of a Live Event.  In a live event, there is no room for errors, and there are no second chances. Even if you have years of experience, test every piece of equipment twice before signing off that it works. Be patient with your clients, they are going to need to take their time on sound check. Don’t get upset if they ask you to change something.   The founder of PCS, Dave Stern has  a great quote from his days touring with Bon Jovi who lived by a motto:  ‘I get paid to be flawless for three hours each night.’ Bon Jovi demanded and deserved his full attention just as our clients today deserve our full attention.

2)      No One Likes Surprises  –  When working large scale events you have to work with several individuals or several teams, often from different companies.  Sometimes their end goal or agenda will be different from yours. It’s in everyone’s best interest make all introducing early and get to know the other members of the technical support and stage management teams. Check your ego at the door, nothing gets done without teamwork.

3)      Venue – All event venues are not created equal. Indoor and outdoor venues have very different acoustic values and lighting needs.  Since the venues can range from intimate 200-seat theatres to a 10,000 seat stadiums, audio, video and lighting needs are extremely different.  Get to know your event venue in advance to avoid surprises later.

4)      Musical Act  – Just as all venues are not created equal, musical acts are not created equal in sound, size or needs.  Performing artists’ needs vary greatly depending on style of music, instruments and size of the performing group.

5)      Who has your back?  – In live performances you have to have a key technician in charge who is able to think on the fly and be quick to  jump to their feet and have enough of knowledge to fix any scenario. The technical point person has to be prepared to solve any problem that comes their way in a matter of moments.    This is truly what can make or break a show.  Always have an experienced person on the team as your point of contact.

Sound Mixing for Legend BB King

This month, Woody gave us the inside scoop on everything that he and any sound guy must keep in mind when mixing for a legend like BB King:

1) Know the music you’re going to mix and mix the artist the way the artist
wants to sound as best as you can.
2) People came to hear BB King, so make sure that they can.
3) Be aware of the type of crowd that is there and keep the volume in check; it’s not a rock show Inflatable Toys.
4) A guitar player and talent like BB King is all about TONE; reinforce that he already has it.
5) Listen.

Designing a Stage for a Corporate Meeting: 3 Things to Think About

Corporate meetings are so complex that it’s no wonder it takes a whole team to run them.   From the themes and the tones to agendas and the budgets – most people have a hard time focusing on what’s most important.  In my years of running corporate events, I have found that a great starting point is to focus on these three core areas:

1 – Functionality.  What needs to happen on the stage?  How many people will be on the stage?  Do you need backstage entrances?  When a client asks me what size stage they should have, these are some of the questions I ask.  If it’s a Sales Meeting, an Awards Dinner or Professional Seminar, the stage needs to function in a way that is easy for the speakers or participants.

2 – Mood.  Often I ask clients what they want people to feel when they enter the meeting space.   Depending on the event, the tone of the meeting might be either business professional, or fun and lighthearted, or elegant and stylish.   Knowing the “mood” of the event helps me determine lighting, video and scenic elements for the design Daphne Partiet Slide.

3 – Clarity.  Ever been to a meeting where you can’t hear the speaker?  Clarity of sound as well as clarity of the video is of tremendous importance when running large meetings. Finding the right equipment to make the event look right, sound right and feel right is what my team aims for each time we run a meeting.  If it’s 100 people or 1,000 people, everyone needs to hear and see the presentations.