13th Anniversary Special – 13 Fun Facts about Precise Corporate Staging

What you didn’t know about Precise Corporate Staging

A special 13th anniversary fun facts list!

 To celebrate our 13th anniversary, which is coming up on July 4, 2013 we created a list of 13 fun facts about Precise Corporate Staging!  Here they are, hope you enjoy getting to know us better!

  1. The company had humble beginnings, we started in a 100 sq ft room
  2. The company was born and celebrates its anniversary on the 4th of July
  3. A K9 named “Captain” helps out with our warehouse security
  4. Our company has been featured in several magazines and newspapers
  5. We love our community and make it a priority to give back, we love working with charities that support programs for kids and youth as well as for the military
  6. We have been working with Alice Cooper and his Solid Rock Foundation for 10 years
  7. We have provided equipment for big events such as: The Superbowl, The CMA Awards, Mohammad Ali’s Fight Night, The PGA Tour, Alice Cooper Tours, Phooson, Presidential Campaigns, Country USA, Rock USA, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at Buffalo Chip and Glenn Beck’s: Restoring Love Tour
  8. Every member of The Stern Family works/helps in the business
  9. We have had 5 different office buildings in our 13 years. We keep growing!
  10. We have an office in Atlanta, Georgia that helps us meet the needs of our East Coast clients
  11. We house a sizeable collection of music and movie memorabilia
  12. Precise Corporate Staging was one of only 100 companies in the US to win the 2013 Blue Ribbon Award from The US Chamber of Commerce!
  13. If Precise Corporate Staging was to stretch all of our cables, we could easily span from our corporate headquarters in Tempe, AZ to our Georgia warehouse!

The Arizona team with the famous K9 security “Captain”